East Valley Children’s Theatre has been an artistic force in the East Valley for 27 years, through many unique theatrical programs for children of all ages.

East Valley Children’s Theatre provides a safe environment for children to gain self-esteem, explore creative outlets and grow and mature into community-minded young adults.

Who we are

Theatre for Kids, by Kids

We are a professional quality community theatre where children can grow and develop into successful and fulfilled adults. We serve children ages 9 months to 18 years, are managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and staffed by professionals having education, business, and theatrical experience. Kids can take acting classes, join troupes, participate in acting camps, and audition for performances.

We provide youth a forum for creating confidence, gaining self-esteem, developing character, and building the career and life skills necessary to achieve success and fulfillment in an ever-changing world.

We are essential to our community and the success of youth because we provide unique learning opportunities, help youth achieve individual and team goals, teach life skills, discover and encourage individual talents, contribute to personal growth, and promote community outreach.

EVCT has helped me believe in magic ever since I walked into my first rehearsal.

Marco Velasquez Jr., Student

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Our Purpose

Why Children's Theatre?

Children’s theater is known to have many benefits. Kids learn empathy, critical thinking and how to express themselves. Whether your child is acting, designing a set, or writing a script, they will learn how to work with others. Theatre for kids teaches that it’s okay to make mistakes, to try new things, and to employ imaginative solutions to problems. Kids’ plays help children build lifelong values such as integrity, passion for excellence, respect, and teamwork.

Cultural Arts

With the disappearance of arts in many schools, it’s important to find artistic opportunities for kids outside of the classroom. East Valley Children’s Theatre exposes kids to literature and story-telling concepts, so that they begin to ask questions, apply critical thinking, and reach beyond the words to understand a character’s motivations and worldview. When immersed in EVCT programming, students are encouraged to explore their imaginations, to write and tell their own stories. Whether a child continues to be involved in theatre as they mature into adulthood, or moves onto other interests, they bring their appreciation of the arts and the process of putting together a production with them. Research shows that people who are appreciators of the arts have a greater understanding of cultural references and appreciation for different cultures in general.

Growing Through New Experiences

Involving your kids in children’s theatre pushes their limits. Kids work for weeks or months at a time honing their craft, reading lines, building sets, using their imagination and critical-thinking skills for incorporating props, and developing believable characters for the final production. Theatre teaches students to work alongside others to achieve the end goal. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

What We Do

Our Programs

EVCT offers performing arts instruction, introducing children to all elements of live theatre, and incorporating educational aspects as well as important life skills and milestones.


Children’s acting classes help students learn and practice audition techniques such as proper breathing and vocal techniques, exploring movement, utilizing stage space, singing and dancing, and other essential lessons for effective storytelling.


Our workshops are intended to help children and teens develop performance skills in music, drama, and movement through creative exercises as well as prepare for auditions in upcoming performances and productions.

Jr. Jokesters Troupe


Troupes are designed for specific age/grade levels, and include performing opportunities in the community. Each troupe is unique, addressing specific aspects of performing.


What's Happening Next at EVCT

Managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and led by an experienced, degreed staff, EVCT has grown from one production and one workshop annually to an award-winning children’s theatre, bringing exceptional theatre to children and their families in the East Valley community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performances are Held at Mesa Arts Center Nesbitt-Elliot Playhouse

Nesbitt-Elliot Playhouse

We serve children ages 5 – 18.

East Valley Children’s Theatre main stage productions provide youth a forum for creating confidence, gaining self esteem, developing character, and life skills. We are fortunate enough to perform our productions at the beautiful Mesa Arts Center located in the heart of downtown Mesa. Other productions, programs, and events are held at the EVCT Studio.

Shows typically last for 60 to 70 minutes.


What They Say

“Our daughter has definitely experienced a new and different kind of confidence that playing sports could not have provided. As a parent I have observed this in her, as well as other children, in the productions and have been very impressed with the leadership and production effort put forward by EVCT.”
“EVCT has made an extraordinary impact in the community. They have enriched the lives of all the families that have been touched by them, they have produced consistently high-quality productions and have been supportive great friends to the arts.”
“One of the reasons I keep coming back to EVCT is because of the great people there who share the same interests as me and accept me for who I am. When I first performed on the mesa arts center stage, I realized I wanted to be a performer and surround myself with such positive people and a great environment.”

Theatre for Kids, by Kids

Mailing Address
PO Box 20514, Mesa, AZ 85277
Rehearsal Studio
4501 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85205
Performance Venue
Mesa Arts Center 1 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 756-3828 Email: [email protected]

EVCT is a 501c3 nonprofit, with EIN 86-0599251. Donations to this organization are tax exempt.

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