EVCT Auditions for Kids

Auditions for

Tales with Baba Yaga & A Bowl of Soup

For kids age 8-18

Monday February 22 between 5 & 9 pm
Callback Auditions on Tuesday February 23 between 6 & 9 pm

The auditions will be virtual with the last week of rehearsals in person and the show being lived streamed from the EVCT Studio on March 19 & 20 with a small audience in attendance.

To Audition, Email artistic_director@evct.org with your name, age, phone number and email address.  You will be given an audition time on February 22 and sides to read from both shows and a zoom link for the audition.  On Tuesday February 23, we will have callback auditions and you will be paired for readings with other actors on that date.  Rehearsals begin on Wednesday February 24 at 5:30 pm.

Tentative Rehearsal Schedule

(These are just the dates and time, remember we have two plays so actors will not need to be atthe rehearsals the entire time)

Virtual Rehearsals

Wednesday February 24, 5:30-8:30
Monday March 1 – 5-9 pm
Tuesday March 2 – 5-9 pm
Wednesday March 3 – 5-9 pm
Friday March 4 – 4-6 pm
Saturday March 5 – 9 am–12 noon
Monday March 8 – 5-9 pm
Tuesday March 9 – 5-9 pm
Friday March 12 – 4-7 pm
Saturday March 13 – 9 am-12 noon

In-Person Rehearsals

Monday March 15 – 5-9 pm
Tuesday March 16 – 5-9 pm
Wednesday March 17 – 5-9 pm
Thursday March 18 – 5-9 pm

Live Streaming Performances

Friday March 19 – 5 pm call, 7 pm show
Saturday March 20 – 5 pm call, 7 pm show

Tips for Auditioning

Auditions for Main Stage productions are held prior to each show, four times each year. Performance troupe auditions are held every January and August. Cast members make an initial audition and attend a callback before they’re selected.

EVCT makes the audition experience kid-friendly. It strives to create a low-pressure learning environment for children. All of the directors involved with auditions and production have extensive experience working with youth. The audition process is about teaching kids how to audition, practicing, doing their best and showing the directors what they’re looking for. Auditions are open to any kids in the community—children don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in EVCT acting classes or camps.

  • Plan to be at the audition a little bit ahead of schedule—you don’t want your child to feel rushed.
  • Make sure your child has eaten before meeting with the director and had a good night’s sleep—kids need their energy and this will help prevent them from fidgeting.
  • Get context for the scenes by reading the whole script.
  • Don’t worry about clothing, hair or breakdowns too much. Character guides are just that—guides, and forcing a certain look or attitude will feel inauthentic.
  • Don’t coach your child down to every gesture. Let them focus on listening, tone and facial expressions and the director will do the coaching once your child is cast in the troupe or production.