Tips for Auditioning

Auditions for Main Stage productions are held prior to each show, four times each year. Performance troupe auditions are held every January and August. Cast members make an initial audition and attend a callback before they’re selected.

EVCT makes the audition experience kid-friendly. It strives to create a low-pressure learning environment for children. All of the directors involved with auditions and production have extensive experience working with youth. The audition process is about teaching kids how to audition, practicing, doing their best and showing the directors what they’re looking for. Auditions are open to any kids in the community—children don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in EVCT acting classes or camps.

  • Plan to be at the audition a little bit ahead of schedule—you don’t want your child to feel rushed.
  • Make sure your child has eaten before meeting with the director and had a good night’s sleep—kids need their energy and this will help prevent them from fidgeting.
  • Get context for the scenes by reading the whole script.
  • Don’t worry about clothing, hair or breakdowns too much. Character guides are just that—guides, and forcing a certain look or attitude will feel inauthentic.
  • Don’t coach your child down to every gesture. Let them focus on listening, tone and facial expressions and the director will do the coaching once your child is cast in the troupe or production.

EVCT Auditions for Kids

Auditions for EVCT Bravo, musical theatre troupe

Monday August 23 at 5 pm at the EVCT Studio.
Auditions are open to kids age 12-18.
Please call the EVCT office at 480-756-3828 to let us know you are coming.

Auditions for One the Spot, teen improv troupe

Tuesday August 24 at 6 pm at the EVCT Studio
Audition are open to kids age 12-18.
Please call the EVCT office at 480-756-3828 to let us know you are coming.

2021-2022 Main Stage Season of Shows at EVCT
Audition Information

The Clumsy Princess

by J.S. Puller and Joel Esher

Winner of EVCT’s Aspiring Playwright’s Contest for 2020

August 17 & 18
5 pm for kids age 8-11 and
7 pm for kids age 12-18

At the EVCT Rehearsal Studio, 4501 E Main St, Mesa

No advanced preparation is necessary, come dressed for movement and wear closed toed shoes

Synopsis of the Story

Its hard work being a prince.  After all, you have to make sure your clothes are the latest in fashion, your teeth are shiny, and your hair is utterly perfect.  And, of course, you need to be charming.  Prince Stephan has devoted his life to being the ultimate prince.  But, of course, the one thing an ultimate prince needs most is a picture-perfect princess.  Unfortunately, Stephan’s plans for marriage quickly deteriorate when he meets Princess Tilly, a clumsy young woman who accidentally knocks him out of a window.  Stranded in his own kingdom for the first time, Stephan learns of a terrible beast plaguing his people.  The ultimate prince would defeat any such beast, so Stephan embarks on a quest with Tilly and his court jester, Felicity, to set things right again.  Of course, the beast isn’t exactly what he thought it would be…

Cast of Characters – The Clumsy Princess

Player Queen, the leader of the troop, also plays in the ensemble
Young Man, a performer, also plays in the ensemble
Young Girl, a performer, also a member of the ensemble
Old Woman, the matron of the group, also a member of the ensemble
Old Man, a doddering, also a member of the ensemble
Boy, a sarcastic youngster who also plays in the ensemble
Actor 1, actor in several scenes
Actor 2, actor in several scenes
Felicity, a jester in the service of Prince Stephan
Prince Stephan, the prince and later king of the kingdom.  He is very handsome
Tilly, the princess of Chancedon. Sweet and exceedingly clumsy
Mother, Stephan’s Mother and ensemble member
Young Stephan, Prince Stephan at age 6, member of ensemble
Servant at the Palace, just a servant and member of ensemble
Another Servant at the Palace, just a servant and member of ensemble
Foreign Princess, from an unknown land and ensemble member
Translator, translate for the Foreign Princess and ensemble member
Peasant 1, (female) and member of the ensemble
Peasant 2, (male) and member of the ensemble
Palace Guard, defends the palace
Witch, an ugly woman but very wise
Rydell, down on his luck and ensemble member
Kallista, runs the tavern and member of ensemble
Merchant, sells weapons and member of ensemble
Thief, only way to make a living, and ensemble member

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the musical

Show Runs Dec 2-12, 2021
Auditions October 26 & 27, Callbacks October 28, Rehearsals begin Oct 30

The Prince and the Pauper, a musical

Winner of EVCT’s Aspiring Playwrights Contest
Show Runs Feb 10-20, 2022
Auditions January 4 & 5, Callbacks January 6, Rehearsals begin Jan 8

Marion and the Merry Men, a new legend of Robin Hood
(an original play)

Show Runs June 16-26, 2022
Auditions May 9 & 10, Callbacks May 11, Rehearsals begin May 12