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A Unique and Enriching Experience

East Valley Children’s Theatre Camps provide students with unique and enriching experiences in a fun and interactive environment. These camps are carefully designed to engage young individuals in various aspects of the performing arts, fostering their creativity and passion for acting, singing, and dancing. Led by professional Teaching Artists, the camps offer expert guidance and mentorship, ensuring that participants receive top-notch instruction and have a memorable and transformative experience.

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An Opportunity

A Unique and Enriching Experience

One of the key highlights of EVCT Camps is the opportunity for students to explore acting, singing, and dancing under the guidance of experienced professionals. Throughout the camp sessions, students engage in a variety of activities that encourage self-expression, build confidence, and develop their skills in these artistic disciplines. Whether it’s through improv games, vocal exercises, or choreographed routines, participants are immersed in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere that nurtures their talents and helps them grow as performers.
To cater to the diverse needs and interests of students, EVCT Camps group participants based on their age. This ensures that each group receives age-appropriate instruction and activities that are tailored to their developmental stage and skill level. By providing a structured and supportive environment, the camps foster camaraderie among participants, allowing them to form connections with peers who share their passion for the performing arts.

EVCT's acting classes for kids go beyond teaching the mechanics of acting; they instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth.

By combining technical instruction with lessons in empathy, collaboration, and self-expression, these classes empower children to become well-rounded individuals capable of effectively communicating and connecting with others, both in the world of theatre and beyond.
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