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Diverse Programs Beyond Acting

Through our diverse theatre focused programs, EVCT offers a comprehensive learning experience for children interested in the performing arts. These programs often include acting classes, workshops, troupes, and other specialized courses tailored to the needs and interests of the participants. By exploring different facets of theatre, children gain a well-rounded understanding of the art form, building their skills and confidence in the process.

Annual Cabaret Auditions

Deadline June 1
Calling all past and present EVCT participants, staff, and volunteers! Dust off those dancing shoes, warm up your vocal cords, brush up on your Shakespeare, and audition for EVCT’s Annual Cabaret. Send in a performance-ready video of your acting, singing, dancing, musician skills, stand-up comedy, or whatever your talent is!
Send the video to [email protected] with your name and contact info.
The Rehearsal is June 19 from 5-10 pm and the Performance is June 20 from 6:30 pm at the Mesa Arts Center.

Other Programs

Jr. Main Stage Production

EVCT offers a performance training class for kids age 7-14. This class is a non-cut production class that will be fully staged at the Mesa Arts Center, with costumes, sets, makeup, props and lights.

For more information contact us at [email protected].

Technical Theater

Interested in back stage work, lighting and sound design? Then you are just what we need in East Valley Children’s Theatre’s Technical Theatre for Youth program. Its open to junior high and high school students ages 12-18. EVCT offers instruction in the technical aspects of theatre with hands on experience.

Scholarship Program

EVCT also offers scholarships for classes, troupe membership and camps. Scholarships given are either a ¼ or ½ payment scholarship for the program requested. All scholarships are directed to our scholarship committee.

One-on-One Coaching

Need help with a monologue for an audition, or for a class? Need individual coaching on getting the true meaning of any monologue or scene work? The One-on-One Coaching is just the ticket to your success. Work with one of EVCT’s Staff to gain new insights into the script. Cost is $25 per hour. 

Small Group Coaching

Small group (2 or 3 person class only) is also available at $15 per hour. Must have at least two people sign up together, no more than 3 per coaching class.

For more information contact us at [email protected].

Aspiring Playwrights

East Valley Children’s Theatre is searching for aspiring playwrights to become a part of the theatre’s future seasons of performances. As an organization dedicated to providing enriching experiences for young audiences, EVCT recognizes the importance of nurturing new voices and fresh perspectives in the world of theatre. This call for playwrights opens doors for talented individuals to have their works showcased and celebrated on EVCT’s stage, captivating young minds and inspiring imaginations

EVCT's acting classes for kids go beyond teaching the mechanics of acting; they instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth.

By combining technical instruction with lessons in empathy, collaboration, and self-expression, these classes empower children to become well-rounded individuals capable of effectively communicating and connecting with others, both in the world of theatre and beyond.
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