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If you’re interested in backstage work, lighting, and sound design, then East Valley Children’s Theatre’s Technical Theatre for Youth program is the perfect opportunity for you! Open to junior high and high school students ages 12-18, our program offers hands-on instruction in the technical aspects of theater. As a participant, you’ll have the chance to work alongside theater professionals at the Mesa Arts Center, gaining valuable experience and training in areas such as lighting, sound, set design and construction, stage crew positions, props, rigging and flying, makeup, and stage management. Throughout the program, professionals mentor and guide our young technicians, imparting their expertise and teaching them the intricacies of Technical Theatre. Join us and explore the exciting world of behind-the-scenes magic!

Joining the EVCT Technical Theatre for Youth program is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of behind-the-scenes magic. Whether you have a passion for lighting design, sound engineering, set construction, stage management, or any other technical aspect of theater, this program is tailored to ignite your creativity and provide hands-on experience in your chosen field. You’ll have the chance to work alongside experienced professionals who will guide and mentor you, teaching you the ins and outs of technical theatre. The program not only equips you with practical skills but also cultivates teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling. By joining the EVCT Technical Theatre for Youth program, you’ll be part of a dynamic community where your contributions are valued and celebrated. Take the leap, embrace your passion for technical theatre, and embark on an exciting journey of learning, growth, and unforgettable experiences.
We are currently looking for Technical Theatre for Youth participants for our upcoming 2022-2023 season and our productions of Disney The Lion King JR; Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus; The Frog Prince, a children’s musical; The Little Mermaid; and Beauty and the Beast. In addition to working tech at the shows, classes are provided during the year in lighting, sound, make up, costumes and set work.
For further information, contact Bryanna Patrick Blanco, Artistic Director at EVCT, at 480-756-3828 or via e mail at [email protected].

EVCT's acting classes for kids go beyond teaching the mechanics of acting; they instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth.

By combining technical instruction with lessons in empathy, collaboration, and self-expression, these classes empower children to become well-rounded individuals capable of effectively communicating and connecting with others, both in the world of theatre and beyond.
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