Acting Classes

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EVCT’s Acting Classes for Kids Teach the Following:

  • Students learn proper breathing and vocal techniques for articulation, projection, and voice variation.
  • Children explore movement and space and learn how to use them effectively when telling a story.
  • Students will explore the principles of blocking and understand how to stage a scene to effectively reach an audience.
  • Kids enrolled in musical theatre will learn how to act while singing and dancing.
  • Children’s acting classes help students learn and practice audition techniques.

Acting Classes Teach Kids Life Lessons

  • Kids learn how to work together and build trust.
  • Children learn empathy and character development. They learn to think critically and understand the “why” behind each character’s action.
  • Students learn effective listening and reacting and their importance on and off the stage.
  • Kids learn to express feelings and emotions and react to those acting with them.

EVCT has been offering acting classes in the Phoenix-area for 26 years.
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