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Acting Classes For Children

What They Learn

EVCT’s acting classes for children provide a comprehensive learning experience, focusing on essential techniques and life lessons. Classes teach students a variety of audition techniques, proper breathing and vocal techniques, articulation, projection, and voice variation. Additionally, children explore movement and space, understanding how to effectively use them to enhance storytelling. Students also gain knowledge of blocking, learning how to stage a scene to engage and captivate an audience.

Musical theatre classes teach choreography, harmonization, and vocal placement for healthy projection. Students learn to merge all of these skills together to be effective actors while singing and dancing.


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Valuable Life Lessons

Beyond the technical aspects, acting classes at EVCT offer valuable life lessons. Children discover the importance of teamwork and building trust as they learn to collaborate with others. They develop empathy and character, development skills, enabling them to think critically and understand the motivations behind each character’s actions. Effective listening and reacting become fundamental skills both on and off the stage, enhancing their ability to engage in meaningful communication. Moreover, acting classes provide a safe environment for children to express their feelings and emotions while learning how to react and interact with their fellow actors.

EVCT's acting classes for kids go beyond teaching the mechanics of acting; they instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth.

By combining technical instruction with lessons in empathy, collaboration, and self-expression, these classes empower children to become well-rounded individuals capable of effectively communicating and connecting with others, both in the world of theatre and beyond.
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