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Comprehensive Learning Experience

Through our diverse theatre focused programs, EVCT offers a comprehensive learning experience for children interested in the performing arts. These programs include classes, camps, workshops, master classes, performance troupes, playwriting festivals and contests, main stage productions, and more. By exploring different facets of theatre, children gain appreciation and understanding of the art form, building their skills and confidence in the process.

By providing a comprehensive performing arts education, EVCT equips children with a strong foundation in theatre while fostering their creativity, expanding their knowledge, and developing crucial life skills. The organization’s commitment to offering a well-rounded curriculum ensures that young individuals not only discover their passion for the arts but also gain the tools and confidence to pursue their dreams both on and off the stage. EVCT’s dedication to excellence and inclusivity makes it a valuable resource for children in the community, enriching their lives and shaping the future generation of performers and arts enthusiasts.

Our Programs

Acting classes for children provide a comprehensive learning experience, focusing on essential techniques and life lessons.

Our troupes offer a dynamic and engaging performing experience for children.


Designed to cultivate and enhance the performance skills of students in the realms of music, drama, and movement.

East Valley Children’s Theatre Camps provide students with unique and enriching experiences in a fun and interactive environment.
Technical Theater

Interested in back stage work, lighting and sound design? Then you are just what we need in East Valley Children’s Theatre’s Technical Theatre program. It’s open to junior high and high school students ages 12-18. EVCT offers instruction in the technical aspects of theatre with hands-on experience.

Scholarship Program

EVCT also offers scholarships for classes, troupe membership and camps. Scholarships given are either a ¼ or ½ payment scholarship for the program requested. All scholarships are directed to our scholarship committee for approval.

One-on-One Coaching

Need help with a monologue for an audition, or for a class? Need individual coaching on getting the true meaning of any monologue or scene work? The One-on-One Coaching is just the ticket to your success. Work with one of EVCT’s Staff to gain new insights into the script. Cost is $25 per hour.

Small Group Coaching

Small group (2 or 3 person class only) is available at $15 per hour. Must have at least two people sign up together, no more than 3 per coaching class.

For more information contact us at [email protected].

Upcoming Events

EVCT’s acting classes for kids go beyond teaching the mechanics of acting; they instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth.

Classes provide technical instruction in acting, combined with character development and exploration of self-expression and empathy. Children are empowered to become well-rounded individuals capable of effectively communicating and connecting with others, in the world of theatre and beyond.

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