Mesa Arts Center Clear Bag Policy

Mesa Arts Center Safety and Security Policy

Security & Clear Bag Policy

Mesa Arts Center

For ease of entry, please review the full list of guidelines and prohibited items below

We encourage early arrival to find parking, time for security, and bag check. 

Prior to entry all guests and permissible items may be subject to a physical screening and inspection. Prohibited items discovered during our screening process will not be allowed inside the theater. By presenting your ticket and entering our venue, you consent to such screenings. Persons who refuse screening may be denied entry into our venues. These protection measures have been put in place to ensure that each performance or experience is occurring in a safe environment for our guests.

While these new procedures were designed with audience convenience in mind, it is highly recommended that guests plan accordingly for security screenings to ensure timely entry into the venue for the start of the performance.  If you have any questions or concerns before or after an event, please call or email our Box Office at 480-644-6500  [email protected].


Bag Policy:
There are two types of bags allowed:
–    Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bag no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” 
–    Small clutch purse no larger than 8.5” x 5.5.”

The Following Items Are Permitted:
–    2 Sealed Bottles of Water per Person, up to 20 oz.
–    Bags that adhere to the Mesa Arts Center Bag Policy

The following exceptions will be made after a proper inspection for:
–    Diaper bags
–    Oversized medically necessary items 

The following items are NOT permitted:

–    Outside Food or Beverage including alcohol
–    Illegal Substances and paraphernalia
–    Weapons of Any Kind including firearms, knives, tasers, etc.
–    Fireworks or incendiary devices of any kind
–    Harmful chemicals such as mace, pepper spray, etc.
–    Posters or large signs (larger than 8.5” x 11”)
–    Professional Cameras / Audio Recording Devices
–    Ballons, Silly String, Selfie Sticks
–    Airhorns, vuvuzelas, or other noise makers
–    Bags, Purses, or Backpacks that do not adhere to the Mesa Arts Center Bag Policy
–    Animals that do not provide a service or task as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act 

**Mesa Arts Center reserves the right to prohibit any item, including items not listed above, from entering the premises based on any particular show request or requirement. By tendering your ticket and entering the venue, you consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against Mesa Arts Center, the City of Mesa, the performers and their affiliates. If you elect to not consent to the searches, you will be denied entry to Mesa Arts Center. No refunds. Every guest must pass through a security checkpoint to enter the Mesa Arts Center theater building.**

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