Baba Yaga & A Bowl of Soup Performances

Baba Yaga & A Bowl of Soup Performances 

Friday March 19 and Saturday March 20 at 7 pm.

About Baba Yaga by C. Lynn

 Baba Yaga is any old woman living in the woods…except she travels by mortar and pestle and lives in a hut on top of chicken legs. Some may call her a witch, but all she wants is to be left in peace and quiet. But not today! Join Baba Yaga as she encounters lucky Ivan on his quest to find a bride, helps Masha save her brother from the Magic Swan Geese, plays tricks on her sly sisters and finally plays a reluctant fairy godmother to the beautiful Vasilisa. Oh the things an old lady will do get some alone time!


About A Bowl of Soup by Kendra Thomas

Certain foods connect us to our past, to our family, to meaningful life moments.  The smell of something cooking, even something as basic as a bowl of soup, triggers memories and speaks to us in a way that nothing else can.  In this soul-warming drama, five teens share what their unique bowls of soup mean to them - freedom, following your dreams, connected to something or someone. The monologues are interwoven with reflective echoing responses from the ensemble that leaves the audience with something to savor.

EVCT will be offering this production in two different formats. There will be a live production at the EVCT Studio, 4501 E Main St Mesa 85205.  Only 24 audience members each night. Your ticket receipt will be you ticket into the production. Make sure you include the names of all those who will be attending.

Then we have a virtual production. Tickets can be unlimited. Cost of in person and virtual tickets are $15 per person.



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Baba Yaga & A Bowl of Soup Performances

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