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Need a game or an idea for an activity for your classes, your kids, or yourself?  We have just what you need.

Share with your friends and enjoy theatre at home or anywhere.

#1 Freeze Dance – All Ages, Groups 2 & up


  • Music/Music Player
  • Open Space
  1. Play music, everyone dances around the room
  2. When music is paused everyone freezes, if you move after the music stops you are out.
  3. Play until only one person is left standing

Challenge – Give different Character movements, animals, silly faces, styles of dance, slow-motion, high, low, and etc. Put your own fun ideas in and mix it up.

Helpful link https://caldwellorganizedchaos.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-right-way-to-play-freeze-dance-in.html

#2 One Word Story – All Ages, Groups 3 & up


  • Open Space
  1. Sit or stand in a line or circle, give the kids an idea of a story topic (airplane trip, magic forest, talking pig) anything to give them a starting point.
  2. Leader starts with “Once upon a time”
  3. Then they have to say one-word base on the kids’ word before them to build on the story.
  4. They need to pay attention to what everyone is staying to continue the story until the leader states “The End”

Challenge – Give different topics be silly, allow them to say one sentence and then say “and” to pass it to the next person. All the stories are sure to bring a smile and laugh to the group.

Helpful link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qZKnPmqD84

#3 Zip Zap Zop – All Ages, Groups 3 & up


  • Open Space
  1. Stand in a circle
  2. Have kids say the words Zip, Zap, and Zop in order.
  3. Then first kid point to another saying Zip, that person claps then point saying Zap, and the third kid claps then points saying Zop.
  4. If someone goes out of order of words or, forgets to clap, they are out.

Challenge – Add different hand gestures per word, speed or slow the game, etc. Get creative.

Helpful link https://www.dramanotebook.com/drama-games/zip-zap-zop/

#4 Mirror Game – All Ages, Groups 2 & up (Need Partners)


  • Open Space
  1. Stand facing a partner
  2. One kid is the leader and the other the follower
  3. Kids have to imagine they are standing in front of a mirror they need to move slowly to have the follower mimic their movements
  4. Slowly the leader should move faster, the follower should try to keep up.
  5. Then have them switch roles.
  6. The partner goal is to learn how to sync their movements

Challenge – Give characters like animals, silly faces, tempos, and etc. Try to get the kids to act as one.

Helpful link https://www.dramanotebook.com/drama-games/mirror/

#5 Park Bench Game – All Ages, Groups 2 & up


  • Two Chairs or a bench
  • Open Space
  1. Place two chairs next to each other, with one kid is on a chair waiting for a bus.
  2. Another kid will then sit on the other chair acting out or doing something weird or odd to make the other person break their composure.
  3. Once the first kid laughs/smiles or break character then a new kid goes to the bench and the other person is now waiting for the bus.
  4. Example- bring a pet lion to the bench, start freaking out because of a large spider, start talking to your shoes. Just fun, and silly different ideas.

Challenge – There are tons of different version of this game. Try to make them smile, or laugh to break their composure. Try to get the kids to guess what the other character on the bench is doing. Add a different twist to make it your own version.

Helpful link https://www.dramanotebook.com/drama-games/park-bench/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoo92MXmAoo

#6 Hitchhiker – All Ages, Groups 3 & up


  • Open Space
  • 2-4 chairs
  1. Place 2-4 chairs in an open space to represent seats in a car. One kid starts in the car and they are driving somewhere.
  2. A “hitchhiker” stands up and puts their thumb out. The hitchhiker has a very strong characteristic, such as won’t stop itching, extremely old age, annoyed retail person, etc. (Get Creative)
  3. The driver will say “look, hitchhiker” and they will pull over to pick the hitchhiker up.
  4. The hitchhiker enters the front passenger seat. As soon as the hitchhiker enters the car, all the kids and driver take on the hitchhiker’s characteristics immediately and to the extreme.
  5. They continue dialogue until “new hitchhiker” comes on.  Hitchhiker enters the front passenger seat and the other kids rotate. The driver gets out of the car.

Challenge – This game can also be call taxi or bus. Give different kids character ideas, emotions, movie characters, etc. Put a different spin on it with a time limit, different situations. This game will surely have you laughing on the floor!

Helpful link http://www.bbbpress.com/2013/06/drama-game-hitchhiker/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-dNYQ0QBS4

#7 Mine Field – All Ages, Groups 2 & up


  • Open Space
  • Chairs, books, or objects
  • 1 blind fold
  1. Fill the space with random obstacles from chairs, books, stuff animals, and pillows. (Make sure they are spaced safely)
  2. Blind Folded kid stands in the center of obstacles, other kid at other end of room. They need to guide blindfolded kid to them using verbal instructions.

Challenge – Give rules for getting out, time them, tally how many objects they touched, have them guided to one item and guesses “what it is”. There are so many ways to change this game to make it interesting for all ages.

Helpful link https://www.dramanotebook.com/drama-games/mine-field/

#8 Freeze & Justify – All Ages, Groups 3 & up


  • Open Space
  • Music (optional)
  1. Kids walk around the room, dancing or moving in away directed. (Play music if you like)
  2. The leader at any point can call out “Freeze!” (stop the music) at which point all the kids freeze in their current pose.
  3. The leader calls out a kid and asks them to “Justify” their pose. For example, a kid posed with their arm raised high above their head might say “I’m exercising by doing jumping jacks” or “Raising his hand in a classroom” or “Playing football trying to catch the ball”. It is the kids’ job to imagine a situation in which their pose makes sense.
  4. If the leader feels this action makes sense with the pose, they stay in but if not then they are out.
  5. Leader will ask 2-3 kids to Justify, unfreeze everyone and let them move around again (play music), Freeze and Repeat!
  6. Keep playing until on kid is left standing.

Challenge – Add different movements like animals, actions, weather, fast, slow, and etc. Try to get creative with you pose answers other then “dancing or running” or no repeat answers.

Helpful link www.bbbpress.com/2013/08/drama-game-freeze-justify/

#9 Knight, Giant, Pirate (Acting Paper, Rocks, Scissors) – All Ages, Groups 2 & up


  • Open Space
  • A paper/pencil to keep Score
  1. Stand facing a partner
  2. On the count of 3, the kid has the choice of being one of three things
    1. Knight- Say “On guard” thrust your imagination sword forward
    2. Giant – Say “Fe Fi Foe Fum” stomp your right leg then your left leg
    3. Pirate – Say “Arrgh” flex your arms inward like the Hulk
  3. On the count of 3, act out you choose, winner is:
    1. Knights beat Giants
    2. Giants beat Pirates
    3. Pirates beat Knights
  4. Tally up points after desired number of rounds to find the winner.

Challenge – Change the types of characters and actions, have character step forward with each win, add different rules to make it your family own.

Helpful link http://www.bbbpress.com/2014/06/drama-game-alien-tiger-cow/ ; http://www.bbbpress.com/2013/11/drama-game-wizards-giants-goblins/

#10 Splat – All Ages, Groups 4 & up


  • Open Space
  1. Make a circle, with the leader in the middle
  2. The leader points at a kid in the circle
  3. That kid must duck and the two kids on either side point at each other and shout “SPLAT!”.
  4. If the first kid doesn’t duck, they are out.  If they do duck in time, the last kid to point on either side is out.
  5. When your down to two kids, they will DUEL they stand back to back in the middle of the circle. A magic word is selected. Each time the leader calls out a word the kids take one step forward. When the magic word is called out, they must point and say “SPLAT”.  The first kid to accomplices these wins!

Challenge – Change the rules or word said, make the duel objective harder like saying splat recently until the other kid falters. Get your imagination running and the laughs.

Helpful link http://www.bbbpress.com/2013/11/drama-game-splat/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZEJBiUKA-U

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