EVCT Outreach

East Valley Children’s Theater is very proud of its community outreach programs.

We are doing all we can to bring the arts experience to children throughout the valley.


There is nothing more rewarding than Bringing Smiles to Children. Watching their faces light up, hearing their laughter and knowing that you have brought some sunshine into a young life.

The outreach program is available to kids who would not otherwise be able to attend a live theatrical production. Past participants in the program include Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, Learning Tree program for English as a second language at Mesa Public Schools, Children’s First Academy (a school for homeless children) and Save the Family.

In addition to bringing kids into the theatre to see our shows, EVCT takes each of its main stage productions to Cardon Children’s Medical Center to perform for the seriously ill child patients and children in the hospital’s many outreach programs. The nurses, hospital staff and the parents of the kids who attend are always so very thankful that the kids have the opportunity for a diversion from the routine of their hospital stay, transporting them to the magical world of theatre. One mother said following our performance, “This is the first time my son has really smiled in the six weeks he has been in the hospital”. Another child was overheard saying to his mother after the show, “Mom, I love this place.” Not only do the kids who attend the EVCT show benefit from the productions and the experience, so do the young performers who act in the productions. Seeing the smiles and reaction from the kids who attend no matter their background and situation is a great inspiration for the young actors. The service that EVCT provides, in bringing quality theatre to children of all walks of life and putting smiles on their faces, is invaluable in our society today.

EVCT wants to continue making a difference in the lives of children from all walks of life. Additional information about the program is available by calling the EVCT office at 480-756-3828 or send emails to info@evct.org.


Literature Alive
A literacy program for young children
By East Valley Children’s Theatre

Our Literature Alive Troupe, made up of home schooled kids from the East Valley, will go into the schools and libraries to read a well known children’s book. Then they will act out the story complete with costumes and props, and then they will give the audience of kids a chance to be involved with the show. The final segment of the program will be to give the kids who attend the performance and reading a copy of the book that was read.

Literature Alive at EVCT has been very successful for both the Troupe and the kids who receive the books. The program began with a grant from the ECF of Boeing Company and is currently being sponsored by Cox Charities and Target.

Information about getting involved in the troupe of kids that perform or having the troupe come to your school, can be obtained by calling Karen at the EVCT office at 480-756-3828.


East Valley Children’s Theatre is now an official partner with Mesa Community College and its Service Learning Department, where students can participate to earn course credit for community service, network, help others and work to make your community a better place.

Students at MCC can volunteer at East Valley Children’s Theatre and receive service learning credit through the college. Detailed information is available at the service learning center on the campus of Mesa Community College and at the MCC website (see web details above). You can also contact Dawn Rhodes, drhodes@mesacc.edu for additional information about the project at MCC.

For information about what kind of volunteering opportunities are available at EVCT, contact Karen Rolston at 480-756-3828 or info@evct.org.

go to: www.mesacc.edu/academics/servicelearning/steps/step-1.html