EVCT Additional Programs

Student Playwriting Festival

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at the Mesa Arts Center

Do you love to write stories?

East Valley Children’s Theater is looking for plays written by students 18 and younger!

Submission of plays for our playwriting contest and festival needs to be in a word document, typed and double spaced and emailed to info@evct.org with a deadline of December 10, 2017. Plays must be no longer than 10 minutes in length, have at least two characters, but no more than six, with a single setting.

A cover sheet needs to include the playwright’s name, age, school attending, email address and phone number.

Six plays will be selected from the entrants for a staged reading at the Festival, and will also receive a critique by award-winning playwrights.

All entrants will be guests for the staged readings, as well as guests of East Valley Children’s Theater at its February production of “Beauty and the Computer Geek”, winner of EVCT’s annual playwriting contest, with the opportunity to attend a workshop by the winning playwrights, Susan C. Hunter and Tom Shelton.

Technical Theater

Interested in back stage work, lighting and sound design? Then you are just what we need in East Valley Children’s Theatre’s Technical Theatre for Youth program, is open to junior high and high school students age 12-18. EVCT offers instruction in the technical aspects of theatre with hands on experience. Interested youth are given opportunities to work with the theatre professionals at East Valley Children’s Theatre. All performances and technical training are at the new Mesa Arts Center. Participants get training in the areas of lighting, sound, set design & building, stage crew positions, props, rigging & flying, make up and stage management. Professionals in each field will work with the young technicians mentoring and teaching them the ins and outs of Technical Theatre.

We are currently looking for Technical Theatre for Youth participants for our upcoming 2017-2018 season and our productions of “King Thrushbeard”, “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”, “Beauty and the Computer Geek” and “Peter Pan!”. In addition to working tech at the shows, classes are provided during the year in lighting, sound, make up, costumes and set work.

For further information, contact Karen Rolston, Artistic Director at EVCT, at 480-756-3828 or via e mail at Karen@evct.org.

Scholarship Program

East Valley Children’s Theatre will choose a former EVCT performer or technician to receive a scholarship for higher education. The Theatre has scholarship money to give out this year. Selected candidates need to be enrolled in or intending to enroll full-time in a two-year junior college, four-year undergraduate college or university, graduate program, or professional theatre-training program. This is a one-year scholarship for the school year beginning Fall of 2018. All applicants and recipients may reapply each year. Proof of enrollment is required.

Deadline to apply is June 1, 2018

One on One Coaching

Need help with a monologue for an audition, or for a class. Need individual coaching on getting the true meaning of any monologue or scene work? The One on One Coaching is just the ticket to your success. Work with one of EVCT’s Staff to gain new insights into the script. Cost is $25 per hour. Time is flexible and can be arranged with Karen at EVCT to get you the best instructor for your work.

Small Group Coaching

Small group (2 or 3 person class only) is also available at $15 per hour. Must have at least two people sign up together, no more than 3 per coaching class.